This is my strategy on how to get maximum gold fish and momentos. I know these are all probably not true but yes they are the cats are real and alive and this game is important shut up
  1. Match each cat's profile picture with their favorite goodie
  2. Balance the goodies between toys and beds
  3. When it's winter, everything must be a heated item of some kind
    Ex. Stove, hot water bottle, sunken fireplace
  4. All goodies must match the remodel style in color and aesthetics
    Ex. modern style (reds, yellows, whites, and blacks)
  5. Goodies must be changed up every few hours to prevent boredom
  6. Ritzy bitz during the day, frisky bitz at night, occasional sashimi to lure in the rare cats
  7. If possible, get the cat's favorite goodie to match its name or personality
    Ex Spots/cow tunnel, Pickles/pickling pot, Princess/royal bed
  8. I've clearly thought way too much about this
  9. ...are people still into Neko Atsume?