1. Jessica Day from New Girl
    Love her mini skirts, her tights, her high waisted shorts, and her flats
  2. Summer from 500 Days of Summer
    Her blue sun dresses are to DIE for
  3. Actually just Zooey Deschanel in general
  4. Rory Gilmore
    Super simple, super classy. I love her day-to-day jeans and shirt combo, and I love her fancier Friday Night Dinner dresses
  5. Veronica Mars
    Veronica Mars introduced me to the skirt and boots combo, as well as the power of a good jacket.
  6. River Tam from Firefly
    Again, loving the pretty dresses with combat boots
  7. Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones appeals to the grungy girl in me. I'm pretty sure I have this exact outfit.