This was my lunch and it was dank as hell
  1. One frozen banana
    Can be non-frozen too, but frozen bananas taste better for some reason
  2. A handful of frozen blueberries
    Or any other kind of berries. Try raspberries if you like your smoothies tart
  3. A few splashes of soy milk
    But not that Silk brand shit. Get the soy milk from Chinese stores. They don't last as long, but they don't have weird preservatives and thickening agents, and they taste like soy milk was meant to taste: FUCKING DELICIOUS. Or, get yourself a soy milk maker and make fresh soy milk everyday because it's easy as hell and you should be a baller like me.
  4. A spoonful of Greek yogurt
  5. A sprinkle of sliced almonds
    Or any other kind of nut
  6. A dried fig
    For sweetness
  7. Blend them all together and be in heaven for a few minutes
    No picture of the finished product because I drank that shit up in like two seconds