I wish I could go back in time, because I have spent years coming up with the perfect comeback for each of these awful kids.
  1. In middle school
    I didn't like to shower often when I was little, so I'd get a lot of dandruff. We were all sitting in gym class, when this kid behind me started pointing and laughing at me, saying it was snowing. I'm pretty sure everyone heard, including the gym teacher, but no one said anything.
  2. Also in middle school
    I was a pretty quiet kid, and even though I had a good group of friends, I was always kind of a loner. I was sitting by myself in the library, when I heard this other table of kids snickering. One of them sat beside me and started to make small talk while the others laughed quietly. I'm pretty sure they dared him to talk to me.
  3. In high school
    I played the flute in band, and I was terrible. I was second to last chair (the last chair being a special needs girl). One day the teacher had us all play a high note, one by one. On my turn, all I could get out was a pathetic squeak. One of the flute players laughed at me.
  4. Bullying is awful
    The end.