1. She was my best friend in college. After we graduated and moved to different cities, we gradually lost touch, as friends tend to do over distance and time.
  2. I made a few efforts to get in touch again, trying to share more stuff about my life and asking about hers - trying to build a real friendship.
    These efforts were not reciprocated, save for the occasional "Hey, miss you too!" email.
  3. She never said anything to me when my mom died.
    This is pretty unforgivable. I told her my mom was sick, and other than the perfunctory "I'm sorry" she never checked in, even after my mom died. People I barely knew sent flowers and reached out to me personally, but my supposedly best friend? Not a word.
  4. Controversial opinion, but I don't believe in the type of friend who says "I'm really bad at staying in touch, but you know I love you!" No. Friendship requires effort on both sides. It's not a one way street, and it's not something you can drop and pick up when it's convenient for you.
  5. I am okay with letting this friendship die. I recognize not all friendships last forever, and I still appreciate her friendship during our college years.
  6. But it still stings. Why does it still sting? It's pretty clear she doesn't give a shit about me anymore, and I've decided to do the same. But it's kind of hard to not think about someone when you're trying hard to not think about someone
    If that makes sense...
  7. Ugh I just needed to rant about this. I hate that I spend so much time thinking about her when I know she doesn't think about me. Grr.