Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. It was the winter of 2011...
  2. Bieber Fever was sweeping the nation with his film release,
  3. Never Say Never
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  4. The boy who asked me on a date was very obnoxious, loud, awkward - all qualities I was terrified of. But I was too nice to deny his request.
  5. Either way, I accepted and chose we see Never Say Never in 3D.
  6. He was a jerk about my choice, which was already strike 1.
  7. But then, during the movie, he wouldn't shut up. Making terribly rude comments the entire time.
  8. And loudly. In a full theater, mind you.
  9. Embarrassing.
  10. BUT THEN
  11. When the movie ended and we awkwardly walked to our separate cars in the parking garage and were about to part ways.
  12. He pooped his pants. (I learned this after the fact).
  13. But still, an adult human pooped their pants on our first (& last) date together after he acted like a poop-head the entire night.
  14. The end. 💩💩💩💩💩💩