You know what I mean?
  1. When technology doesn't do what it's supposed to.
    Ex: you try to burn images to a blank disc and after 95% completion, it tells you the disc isn't blank, so you try another blank disc, and another, only to get the same error. 🙃
  2. When something is tangled like a chord, necklace or string.
    And for the life of me I cannot get it untangled no matter how much time I spend on the task. 🙃
  3. When printers won't let you print at all when it's out of one particular color.
    But like my document is all black ink...I don't NEED MAGENTA INK EPSON! Goddamnit 🙃
  4. When my dog eats things that give him diarrhea.
    Like it's always the same things that he eats, shouldn't he be smarter than that?! 🙃
  5. Having hiccups that hurt and won't go away.
    Srsly why are you here? I hate you 🙃