This Summer

Trying to make the most of summer and not let my stresses take away from having a good time 🚣🏻🌞😎
  1. Our pool opened over a year after living in this dump
  2. Board game bar!
  3. Hot but fun bike ride
    15 miles on a beach cruiser is hard guys
  4. My niece turned 2 😍
  5. My other niece turned 4!
  6. Went kayaking with my best friends at Donner Lake
  7. Puzzle Room for my 24th birthday with my best friends
  8. Camping and swimming in the Truckee for Bobby's birthday
  9. Game nights with good friends (some who live on the other side of the planet!)
  10. Soccer games; go Reno 1868 fc!
  11. IKEA trip!
  12. Evening walks.
  13. Tahoe day trips.