Thanks for trusting me 😉
  1. January: The Bermuda Triangle celebrates the weather gods and goddesses for granting us a snow day by taking shots 👌
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  2. February: @bellaemath and I bring the Blue Hearts Club to the radio 💙
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  3. March: Heather continues to give me outfit advice 👗
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  4. April: Heather sent me a mean text message (like usual) so I barged into her room 😡
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  5. May: Faith and I present our capstone research 📖
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    And complete our English majors!
  6. June: No one wants to come swimming with me 😔
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  7. July: Roxy, Eric, and I squeeze into one side of the table and make the rest of the restaurant uncomfortable 🍦
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  8. August: TeeJay captures the daily life of a camp counselor 🏕
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  9. September: Roxy and I take over London 🇬🇧
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  10. October: TeeJay visits me at home and I ignore her for my dog 🐶
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  11. November: Heather disrupts my slumber by taking pictures of me 📸
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  12. December: my cousin captures the rare moment of brotherly affection/torment 🙅
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