The word "grade" is starting to look a little funny.
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    6th grade (Ages 11-12)
    6th grade was THE WORST. In Humanities we were making picture books and the teacher gave the rebel kid extra work to do by helping me out on my picture book and he ruined it and I cried and spent the entire night rewriting it.
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    11th grade (Ages 16-17)
    Socially, junior year was all right if it wasn't for the absolute academic disaster. I was taking 3 AP classes, advanced math, two English classes, and too many electives. Plus the SATs. At least I knew how to handle stress in college (😂).
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    2nd grade (Ages 7-8)
    In second grade I didn't like my teacher and this one kid had a crush on me and because we say alphabetically he sat next to me but he always hid under his desk to get away from me and this was the first time I hated boys but not the last.
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    7th grade (Ages 12-13)
    In 7th grade I wore the same sweatshirt every. single. day. until my mom finally took me shopping for clothes and I wore the same three outfits every day because I thought I was ✨cool✨
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    8th grade (Ages 13-14)
    8th grade was a weird time. I was taking three high school level classes and had a lot of friends but also had no friends, know the feeling?
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    9th grade (Ages 14-15)
    9th grade wasn't as terrible as I expected. Kind of a blah year; nothing traumatizing but also nothing really special. (I like how 7-9 grades are all clumped together in the middle of the list like the puberty years they are.)
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    1st grade (Ages 6-7)
    1st grade was the bomb dot com. I was in a class with my very best friend and one time we got into trouble for coloring on the boys' desk across from us because they were being mean and we were never in a class again until 8th grade. Sad, but we knew how to stick up for ourselves from the beginning. 💪
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    3rd grade (Ages 8-9)
    I loved my 3rd grade teacher even though she was known for being scary. I was in the smart kid spelling group and my friend taught me how to pull my hair back into a ponytail without having my center part showing 👌
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    5th grade (Ages 10-11)
    5th was my jam. I had my first crush and he gave me my first Valentine that year 😍 and I was friends with about half the class before the first day of school. Also we played the Oregon Trail during free time so really nothing could beat that.
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    4th grade (Ages 9-10)
    Easily the best year of elementary school. My class was awesome and we were all friends and my teacher was so nice and at the end of the year she gave me some books to take home and I treasured them.
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    12th grade (Ages 17-18)
    I eased up my course load after junior year but I still had the stress of applying for colleges for the entire year. Fortunately the school year was cut short and I didn't have to take final exams because I was graduating 🙌
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    10th grade (Ages 15-16)
    This was the prime year. I think a lot of people don't like 10th grade because it's such a lumpy year without a clear perk or definition, but you can still enjoy being a high schooler without the stress of the next two years, and this was the pinnacle of my social life tbh. I didn't start weeding out my friends yet.
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    Kindergarten (Ages 5-6)
    Let's be real, kindergarten is the best. You get to color and play with toys and learn to read and it's only a half day! Also this was the only time my mom ever made homemade hostess cupcakes for my school birthday party.