I tell people I'm not dependent on my phone but like.... ok.
  1. The List App
    Duh like what was my life before I even knew this existed??
  2. Instagram
    A little ashamed of my unhealthy obsession but I just like taking pictures ok. I stopped applying heavy filters, I'm normal now.
  3. Cooking Fever
    Not ashamed of my perfectly normal obsession just you know need to open ALL THE RESTAURANTS EVEN IF IT MEANS USING UP 41% OF MY PHONE'S BATTERY (this is not an exaggeration)
  4. Indeed Jobs
    Sometimes I just like to lie in bed and scroll through jobs and pretend I'm on tinder because unemployment is sad enough.
  5. Unroll Me
    What did I do before all of my email subscriptions got sent to this nifty little app? How did I ever check my email??
  6. Eve
    Ok listen this little period tracker app is MY BEST FRIEND it literally talks to me everyday and sends me more notifications that I imagine a pesky little sister would AND it's so smart, like you can track everything!!!! And get information on birth control!! Hello.
  7. Jimmy John's
    But like for real I don't even live near a Jimmy John's anymore and I haven't deleted the app yet.
  8. Snapchat
    I was obsessed with this before I even had an iPhone to download the app.
  9. 2048
    Is this still cool? I still play it. I will get to the 8192 tile before I die. (Bonus: it doesn't use wifi like other games).
  10. BTD Battles
    I'm convinced setting up a monkey army to pop some balloons is really saving my long-distance relationship.