Dream Holiday Wish-list

  1. A job
  2. Cold hard cash
  3. A dog that doesn't bark
    Just kidding I LOVE MY DOG
  4. A watch battery for my camera remote
  5. World peace
  6. A nice baseball cap to wear in the summer so I don't get sunburn on my face and I can keep the sun out of my eyes on the lake without worrying about losing sunglasses because hats float but sunglasses do not
  7. Yoga blocks
  8. Headphones
  9. CDs to play in my car
  10. Digestives
  11. Picture frames
    Or maybe a gift card so I can print out some pictures
  12. Sunglasses
  13. A fancy camera strap
  14. A donation in my name to refugee organizations
  15. Coloring books
    Not those fancy adult coloring books, I want the original coloring books like Lisa Frank or dinosaurs or something cool like that
  16. The classic island clog crocs
  17. Puzzels
  18. Some nice pens
  19. A new phone case
  20. An unlimited plane pass; like the annual train pass you can get that lets you pay an amount upfront and you can just use it all the time. Like that except with planes. To undisclosed locations. For up to a year's worth of travel.
  21. Boots
  22. My student loans to be paid off
  23. A new yoga mat
  24. A new pair of leggings from Loft