1. Come up with an idea
  2. Open up Word document
  3. Stare at it
  4. Check Facebook
  5. Go back to your document
  6. Let your fingers hover over the keyboard as you debate yourself over the perfect first word
  7. Check your phone
  8. See you have no new notifications
  9. "That can't be right"
  10. Check all social networks
  11. Tweet about your new idea! It's so exciting!
  12. Feel motivated enough to type the first sentence
  13. Delete the first sentence
  14. Drop head in hands
  15. Realize your creative juices aren't flowing because all you've eaten today was a roll and a chocolate bar
  16. Get a bowl of cereal
    Or snack of choice
  17. Decide to commit to writing for five whole minutes without deleting anything
  18. Write for two out of the five minutes
  19. Delete half the paragraph
  20. Stare at the screen
  21. Save the document with a creative title that will confuse you months later
  22. Check Facebook
    Nothing new was posted
  23. Commit to writing a whole page
  24. Actually write a page
  25. Realize that it took you almost one hour to write that one page because you keep deleting and trying to think of new words
  26. Decide you did a lot for today and you will wake up early to get more writing down tomorrow morning
  27. Shut down the computer
  28. Rinse and repeat