Inspired by @lesbian ☺️ (I don't have a lot of pictures of myself because eh)
  1. My favorite sunglasses
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  2. Cat scarf pt I
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  3. My jeans ripped so I duct taped them and started a trend ft my favorite sunglasses
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  4. I'm one of the rare few that looks good in hats 👒🎩
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  5. Including this Eiffel Tower hat
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  6. My just-pulled-an-all-nighter look ft my mom's old sweater
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  7. Scrambling for tea like usual ft my mom's old sweater
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  8. This was my favorite dress of all time I wore this until it was much too small
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    I wear this dress and cardigan look all the freaking time I don't ever change
  9. Old tee-shirt, exercise pants, forehead stickers, helmet, and the universally unflattering harness 👌
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  10. Alone in a pool
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    Typical Seal
  11. Mismatched shoes
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  12. Cat scarf pt II
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  13. Before I was a seal, I was a cow ft mouth full of candy
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  14. Just-climbed-a-mountain look ft wild sheep
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  15. 💟
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  16. Raincoat and war paint made of coal fashioned to look like seal whiskers
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  17. War paint made of actual paint ft my favorite sunglasses
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    True story this is the exact moment where I was in the top two in our hula hooping contest I even outpaced my boss who does professional hula hooping classes 🏆
  18. Black jeans, Fullmetal Alchemist tee-shirt, my dad's old jean jacket, Michael Kors purse, Maximum Ride books, and an awkward pose
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    This is me on a daily basis tbh
  19. Chapped lips and fake glasses 💋🤓
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  20. Fashioned on the floor like usual
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  21. Cat scarf pt III
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  22. Getting turnt ft crop top and matching shorts 👠🍺
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    Can we say trend setter?
  23. (Ok here's like a real picture) Dress I wear too often, jean jacket I got on sale for $10, my fave green purse, my camera, my fave earrings and a Smith and Forge cider 🍺
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