My Best Looks

Inspired by @lesbian ☺️ (I don't have a lot of pictures of myself because eh)
  1. My favorite sunglasses
  2. Cat scarf pt I
  3. My jeans ripped so I duct taped them and started a trend ft my favorite sunglasses
  4. I'm one of the rare few that looks good in hats 👒🎩
  5. Including this Eiffel Tower hat
  6. My just-pulled-an-all-nighter look ft my mom's old sweater
  7. Scrambling for tea like usual ft my mom's old sweater
  8. This was my favorite dress of all time I wore this until it was much too small
    I wear this dress and cardigan look all the freaking time I don't ever change
  9. Old tee-shirt, exercise pants, forehead stickers, helmet, and the universally unflattering harness 👌
  10. Alone in a pool
    Typical Seal
  11. Mismatched shoes
  12. Cat scarf pt II
  13. Before I was a seal, I was a cow ft mouth full of candy
  14. Just-climbed-a-mountain look ft wild sheep
  15. 💟
  16. Raincoat and war paint made of coal fashioned to look like seal whiskers
  17. War paint made of actual paint ft my favorite sunglasses
    True story this is the exact moment where I was in the top two in our hula hooping contest I even outpaced my boss who does professional hula hooping classes 🏆
  18. Black jeans, Fullmetal Alchemist tee-shirt, my dad's old jean jacket, Michael Kors purse, Maximum Ride books, and an awkward pose
    This is me on a daily basis tbh
  19. Chapped lips and fake glasses 💋🤓
  20. Fashioned on the floor like usual
  21. Cat scarf pt III
  22. Getting turnt ft crop top and matching shorts 👠🍺
    Can we say trend setter?
  23. (Ok here's like a real picture) Dress I wear too often, jean jacket I got on sale for $10, my fave green purse, my camera, my fave earrings and a Smith and Forge cider 🍺