As a hardcore emoji user I have a list of go-to favorites I use on a daily basis
  1. 😑
    An accurate depiction of my face at any given moment. Used for glaring, un-amusement, and grimacing.
  2. 😭
    Can show both ends of the spectrum: extreme disappointment and sadness versus extreme excitement and happiness.
  3. 🙀
    For when the normal 😱 looks too much like "The Scream."
  4. 😘
    Typically synonymous for "lol jk." Not to be confused with 😙 or 😚 which show real affection.
  5. 😫
    For when you just want to whine and dine.
  6. 👯
    BFFs to the extreme.
  7. 💜
    Because red hearts are for Valentine's Day and purple is the color of royalty and YOU ARE A QUEEN
  8. When #dead doesn't cut it.
  9. 🕷
    Sometime you just need to be reminded that you make friends with spiders now.