Inspired by @DG. Short but sweet. I've had this sitting in my drafts for a while mustering up the courage to post it. Y O L O #draftmas thanks @aprilkquioh
  1. I knew you were going to kiss me and afterwards I could still feel it on my lips as I snuck into my bedroom.
  2. A year later I asked you if you remembered telling me "you taste like kissing someone who likes you back" on the first night and you smiled and said yes before kissing me for one of the last times.
  3. You were tall and handsome and kissing you felt like either a dream or a Taylor Swift song.
  4. I told my roommate I thought you were cute when I saw you staring at me from the other side of the pool table but I changed my mind a few hours later.
  5. Red is my favorite color too.
  6. I shouldn't have kissed you but I did, and it wasn't worth it.
  7. It was cold, it was dark, it was 2am, and I went to bed covered in sand.