🆘🆘🆘 I really hate making decisions
  1. I have two jobs offers: an internship and a temporary job.
  2. I already said yes to the internship before thanksgiving because I was offered the job on the spot.
  3. The temp job was offered to me officially today (however they told me when I interviewed that I got it so I had known for a week or so).
  4. The internship is unpaid for about ten hours a week.
  5. The job is $14/hr from January through April.
    I'm planning on returning to camp in June so this temp position is not a problem, but actually welcomed.
  6. The job is great; it's at the school I just graduated from ❤️, I would be moving away from home and into a gorgeous house with my friend and her roommates 👫👭, and it's a manager position for the job I had for three years as a student.
    I have no doubt that I can do the job and I can do it well.
  7. However, it's not in my field at all. I'd be working in sales and dealing with numbers and spreadsheets and data and like yeah I can do that but I don't want to continue to look for jobs that have to do with it.
  8. So the internship is literally EXACTLY WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR.
  9. But it's unpaid.
    My parents don't understand why I have a college degree if I'm giving myself away for an unpaid internship.
  10. I'd be teaching creative writing to kids in an after school program.
  11. Literally my dream.
  12. It would only be a couple hours a week, BUT I've been unemployed since camp ended and I don't know if want to bank on getting a part time job right away if it hasn't happened already.
  13. But like, the internship would look so good on a resume.
    Especially if I want to apply to literary jobs in the future (WHICH I DO).
  14. And it's something I would love to do and I would love to continue doing in the future.
  15. But I'm broke, I need money, especially since my loans payments start in January!!!
    I could defer them but interest 😱😖😵
  16. I really don't know what to do.
  17. I'd be happy either way.
  18. I'd be unhappy and disappointed either way.
  19. What are your thoughts?????
  20. 🆘🆘🆘
  21. Please help I'll love you forever