Tattoos I Would Get if I Wasn't Such a Wimp

One time I watched a video of someone getting a tattoo in slow motion and that was it for me 🙅
  1. A wishbone, either near my elbow like the photo, or in the center of my back
    After the quote "you ought to stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be" said by Richard in Eat, Love, Pray (the book, not sure about the movie) and the first time I read it I stopped and underlined it and dog-eared the page and wrote it down about three times in my notebook.
  2. Some floral, maybe on my hip or upper arm or back of my calf
    Magnolias, pansies, hydrangeas, and lavender would all be in the running. I don't know if they would all look good mixed together, I might have to mix and match.
  3. Two tiny triangles on the top of my shoulder, like near the bone
    To mimic cat ears since my cats always like to climb on my shoulders
  4. A mountain range with the lyrics "on the loose to climb a mountain" written across the peaks on my right thigh
    "On the Loose" is a camp song about living your life freely and not settling or sitting still and valuing your friends and following your dreams. Since I've heard it for the first time I've resonated with it so much. I'm afraid to get this because 1) it would probably hurt a lot and 2) I don't know if I'm cool enough to pull off something this large.
  5. "On the loose" written on my right rib
    A spin off of the first idea if I am too scared to commit
  6. Six birds for each of the main Maximum Ride characters
    I'm very hesitant because this is such a popular tattoo and I don't know where I would place it that isn't cliché.
  7. The passport stamp for England, probably on my left arm, but going vertical along it, not horizontal like in the photo
    I would love to commemorate my time studying abroad in London but I also don't want anything on my arm sooooo
  8. The three Outpost symbols on my left inside ankle
    The symbols are written on beads strung onto a hemp necklace and given to campers when they finish the program. They stand for strength, courage, and wisdom.
  9. Something from Fullmetal Alchemist
    This is something I would be the most afraid of getting because I would probably grow out of this idea the fastest
  10. Charlie Brown!
    I love this exact strip; I have a print of it hanging up in my room. I would probably get it in a similar spot. This is something I most likely will not be getting if I do ever get a tattoo but it's nice to dream about.