Shout out to @kcupcaker for being interested in my life 👏
  1. (Let me preface this by saying I've worked at a summer camp in their primitive unit for three years. We made a lot of fires.)
  2. Doritos are excellent fire starters
    In case you didn't know
  3. I've used Doritos many a times to start a fire in the rain when all of my wood was wet
  4. It was the last night of camp, and we had all this extra wood my friend and I organized by size one night when we were bored
  5. So after the girls went to bed we made a fire to mourn the end of camp
  6. And we had extra Doritos from our camp out
  7. So I made my little A-frame with some twigs
  8. Put a Dorito in the center of it and put a couple twigs on top of it
  9. Lit the first match and set the Dorito on fire
  10. Doritos catch on fire pretty quickly so it didn't take long for the twigs to also catch
  11. And I just kept feeding my fire until we basically burned at the wood 🔥
  12. This is me starting my fire 🔥
    Not practicing fire safety because my hair isn't pulled back 😱😱😱
  13. You can kind of see the Dorito under the flame