Things I've Said to My Boyfriend Today

And basically every day.
  1. "Good morning love bug."
  2. "I'm ignoring you because you're being annoying."
  3. "Don't bark at me."
  4. "Can I come cuddle with you?"
  5. "How come you don't like my cat?"
  6. "Are you still pooping?"
  7. "What did you eat yesterday??"
  8. "Can I have a kiss?"
  9. "Ew don't lick me."
  10. "Your breath smells so bad."
  11. "Don't you dare!" *stares at me, then dumps his water over* "OH I can't believe you."
  12. "Be quiet."
  13. "Seriously you are so annoying."
  14. "I have your hair all over my sweater!"
  15. "You're so cute."
  16. "Do you need to go potty?"
  17. "What are you doing standing in the middle of the road? We're going to get killed!"
  18. "Can you stop trying to drag me into the road while I clean up poop?"
  19. "Hey. Dog Breath. Stop."
  20. "Don't give me that sad puppy dog look."
  21. "I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier."
  22. "You're such a babe. I love you sooooo much."
  23. I know I said boyfriend.
  24. I meant dog.
  25. Things I Said To My Dog Today.
  26. I love him.
  27. He's a cutie.
  28. Better than a boyfriend.