...the first time visiting her house
  1. When you pick it up a shard of glass gets stuck in your thumb
  2. So when you ring the doorbell, you're clutching your thumb in your first trying to minimize the pain
  3. But you don't want to embarrass yourself so you just suffer through it
  4. And when you unclench your fist you realize you're bleeding
  5. But you've been in the house too long it would be weird to ask for a bandaid
  6. So you rub your thumb and forefinger together blending the blood back into your skin
  7. And eventually the shard of glass comes out
  8. You go on Facebook to let your boyfriend and parents know that you broke your phone so if they need to reach you they should Facebook message or email you
  9. You mentally convince yourself how fun it will be to be off the grid
  10. No one to bother you!
  11. So much free time!
  12. No more time spent playing useless games!
  13. 🎉🎉🎉
  14. Until you remember that you're going on a business trip to Atlantic City this week
  15. And it would be beneficial to have a phone
  16. In case you get lost
  17. Or kidnapped
  18. And then you remember your parents are leaving for Florida before you get home
  19. And so you're home alone with your brother for about a week
  20. And what if he gets kidnapped
  21. And tries to reach you on your cell phone???
  22. So you decide you might need to get your phone fixed or replaced
  23. Except you literally have no time this weekend
  24. So when you get home from work you show your dad your phone and he laughs
  25. And you decide to take his old phone and transfer numbers
  26. Except his phone is a model newer than yours so it's nicer and better
  27. So you drive to the AT&T store
  28. And wait
  29. For 1.5 hours
  30. And while you're waiting a woman named Teresa tries to convince you to sell Avon
  31. And she gives you her business card
  32. And then tries to set you up with the "cute" sales representative
  33. And then you finally get your phone fixed
  34. But when you get home you realize only a selected few contacts transferred over
  35. So now you get to spend the next couple of days trying to figure out whose number you don't have