Sequel to THINGS THEY SHOULD TEACH YOU IN HIGH SCHOOL Things They Should Teach You in High School
  1. How to take everything you've learned, erase it, and start learning from scratch
  2. Stress management
  3. How to express your feelings to people you like
  4. How to reject someone nicely
  5. The best way to clean out your pots after getting ramen noodles glued to them
  6. How to write a resume/ cover letter
  7. How to fight for things you care about
  8. HTML
  9. To respect your fellow dorm mates by not pulling the fire alarm at ungodly hours in the night
    Also filed under: how to be a decent human being.
  10. How to ask questions
    Like really good questions that throw your entire center off balance
  11. To explore and experiment
  12. How to make life changing decisions in a small window of time
  13. That's it ok to sleep around and it's ok to not sleep around but it's NOT ok to judge people for it
  14. How to take out a mortgage
  15. The side effects of different drugs
    Without using scare tactics
  16. What to do when someone passes out drunk in your living room and they're not waking up
  17. Safe ways to move outside your comfort zone
  18. Understanding racism
    This was an actual workshop at my school and it was 👌 I think it should've been required for freshman.
  19. How to drive stick shift
  20. How to invest in the stock market
  21. What to do to counteract your all-nighter
  22. How to brand/market yourself to potential employers
  23. That's it's all right to change your mind about literally anything
  24. Refresher on how to be a decent human being
  25. How to ask for help when you need it
  26. If they taught everything they needed to teach you in high school you wouldn't have to learn as much life skills in college and can focus on your education/degree/career goals.