I am a strong believer that they should teach Home Ec and teach important basic life skills
  1. How to cook basic meals
  2. The best way to clean a bathroom
  3. How to invest and save money
  4. The importance of giving back the community
  5. How to write a check/balance a checkbook
  6. How to open a bank account/apply for a loan
  7. Everything you need to know about all types of insurance
  8. How to have sex and how to have sex safety and how to have sex correctly
    And how not to be a dick about it
  9. World history
  10. Current events outside of your own country
    I realize countries outside the US probably already do this
  11. What a credit score is
  12. That it's ok not to have your whole life figured out
  13. Self defense and bystander training
  14. CPR and basic first aid
  15. Minor signs of an abusive relationship
    I think sometimes people overlook warning signs because it's "not that bad"
  16. Symptoms for common diseases
    Ex: how to tell if someone is having a heart attack
  17. How to clean dishes
    I knew someone who didn't know what dish soap was
  18. How to fact-check big media names and conduct research on important newstories
  19. A refresher on basic respect for people who are different from you
  20. To stand up for what you believe in
    WITHOUT tearing other people down in the process
  21. How to check/change/refill basic things in your car - oil, wiper fluid, transmission fluid, tires/tire pressure, &c.
    Most of my girl friends don't know this, because sexism, I guess? But also have met plenty of guys who don't know either. Probably should depend on whether you live somewhere where driving is the norm.
    Suggested by @nelle
  22. Basic home repairs
    Plunging a toilet, checking the fuse/circuit box, putting out kitchen fires, cutting off water valves, changing air filters
    Suggested by @jhope71
  23. How to do laundry
    The number of people I had to teach this to in college is staggering.
    Suggested by @MauxMaux
  24. Basic taxes
    Suggested by @missleswilson
  25. How to argue
    Public discourse in this country is a disgrace. Even well-educated people resort to sarcasm, name-calling, or let things become personal when they should stay on topic. Outside of formal debate classes, they should teach kids basic methods for how to present their opinions clearly and be persuasive, as well as how to exit a conversation respectfully while agreeing to disagree.
    Suggested by @communistcasino