This was really difficult, I barely remember high school.
  1. My entire History Through Film class
    Crying while watching The Pianist, laughing while watching Dr Strangelove, and arguing over how movies can still be good even if they're in b&w 🙄
  2. Finishing a 12 page paper during my lunch period before it was due and getting an A-
  3. Spending three days a week my sophomore and junior year in the dark room and developing so many prints
  4. When @aimeeshevs asked Mr. Spalding if he was an orphan
  5. When I skipped a double block of gym to go to a bakery and eat apple pie 👌
    And @IreneC stayed behind because she didn't want to get into trouble 😂
  6. Getting to spend an entire quarter with just Ms. Schoenleber and @IreneC while all the seniors were gone
    This honestly was like the highlight of my life to be honest
  7. When the boy I liked in 10th grade walked past my desk, then turned around and stopped in front of my desk to have an in depth conversation about the James Patterson book I was reading
    Bonus: when the teacher gave us assigned seats and put the two of us next to each other
  8. Getting the workshop notes back for our Twelfth Night paper and seeing that my thesis was used as an example of what type of thesis works well
    I argued that Shakespeare viewed homosexual relationships more meaningful and realistic than heterosexual relationships, which were shallow and superficial. This is still one of my favorite papers I've written.
  9. When @IreneC yelled "HE WAS MASTURBATING" in front of the entire class
  10. Graduating