Follow up to WAYS YOU HAVE NOT OUTGROWN YOUR 20S: Ways You Have Not Outgrown Your 20s
  1. I'm in bed by 9pm
  2. I haven't had alcohol in weeks
  3. I'd rather hang out with my cats than my friends
  4. I don't like shopping anymore ???
  5. I can't handle drama
  6. I avoid dark, loud, packed places
  7. I'd like to think that if I ever have children I would've adopted them
    I wanted to adopt since I was about 14 and my mom dragged me to an exercise class with her and the instructor talked about adopting her third kid and I was like 😯 I'm going to do that too
  8. I'm ready to have a nice house with a cushy paycheck so I can host fancy dinner parties wearing a pretty dress and lot's of candles
  9. Sometimes I don't like hanging out with people my own age because they're immature