Who I Would Put in My Dream Squad (a LA Taylor Swift)

Inspired by @pipercurda. Personally offended I didn't get Taylor's invite.
  1. Phoebe Buffay
    Phoebe is so bubbly and optimistic in all situations and I just need that kind of energy in my life.
  2. Amandla Stenberg
    I really want to be her friend but she's just too cool for me.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres
    Ellen would invite me on her show all the time and we'd talk about life and whenever I was upset I would call her and she would just make fun of me and laugh.
  4. Sookie St James
    Sookie is so fun! She always give the best advice and we have the most amazing dinner parties. Bonus: I would get to hang out with Jackson AND babysit their kids.
  5. CJ Cregg
    Ok so I'm still on season one but CJ would be the type of person who I would only hang out with once in a while when she had a free moment and then I would feel motivated to work about half as much as she does.
  6. Adele
    Adele and I would go out and get drunk in the corner of a pub in London and talk about our exes and it would be a dream.
  7. Robin Scherbatsky
    Robin and I share our realism and we would wallow in our loneliness and speak sarcasm.
  8. Stacey London and Clinton Kelly
    I would love to be able to just text them photos of outfit ideas and then have them tell me it's all wrong and pull out the most magical clothes from the back of my closet.
  9. Maximum Ride
    My number one bae; when I without a doubt have a problem with someone, Max would be there to back me up 100%. Plus she's a total badass and just hanging out with her would make me feel like one too.
  10. Riza Hawkeye
    See above.
  11. Winston Bishop
    I really need Winston in my life. We could have cat play dates.
  12. My cat
    Obviously already part of my squad. But I'd have to watch out for her so she wouldn't take over my squad.