@IreneC is ok I guess. I wouldn't say great.
  1. 😑
  2. She used to live down the street from me but then she moved 😢
  3. She used to read my fanfiction and give me some good feedback
  4. She complains about a lot of people so I don't have to complain about them
  5. We can literally sit in one place and talk for hours
  6. She can write a poem in 5 minutes and have it be amazing
    I'm not convinced this is a good thing, I kind of hate it her for it
  7. She hates my ex-boyfriend more than me
  8. My mom likes her and her mom likes me
  9. She likes to host parties
  10. We always make travel plans and then never follow through with them
    This should be our new year's resolution tbh
  11. She used to have a pool
  12. One time I told my friends that they couldn't come over my house unless they bought me party cake ice cream and she was the only one who bought me some
  13. She's really good at buying gifts
  14. One time I wrapped her birthday present in clowns and she doesn't hate me for it even though she hates clowns
  15. She came to visit me at school one time
  16. She understands why I like Shakespeare
  17. She sends really sad but hilarious snapchats
  18. She makes really good dip