Inspired by @IreneC for the initial request
  1. All of my friends are spread out in various states on the East Coast and none of them are near me
    Boooooooo 😭
  2. I miss my three-day weekends
    I had Friday's off for about six semesters. It was glorious.
  3. No longer having the chance to take whatever elective classes I wanted to
    I'm looking at signing up for a ceramics class but the cheapest one is like $300. At school it just would've been part of my tuition.
  4. I either feel really young all the time, or really old all the time; I don't work with anyone my age
    I'm either surrounded by six year olds, or forty-year olds. There's no middle. I miss my peers.
  5. There's a weird sense of being independent but like, also not being independent because I'm living at home???
    I miss my apartment and having my own space
  6. Having to pay back student loans 😑🔫
  7. Not having any life
    My town is tiny and boring and I have no friends
  8. I haven't had a full glass of any alcohol since November
    I started having like a glass of wine or some cider when I got home for work but I was too tired so I would never finish it, I would just fall asleep and I'm not going to waste money on alcohol that's going to be poured down the drain!
  9. My sleep stamina is depleted
    I need like 10 hours of sleep now. I start to get tired at like 6pm. I used to be the QUEEN of all-nighters. I would go to sleep at 3am and wake up at 7am. This is disgraceful. Now I'm in bed by 9pm.
  10. No free gym within walking distance
  11. If I want food I have to make it, not wait until the dining hall is open
  12. I miss my professors so much
  13. I miss the general sense of comradery that college students have
  14. I miss only have to go to work three days a week