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First day of December!!
  1. Last night, during the beautiful snowfall we had a snowball fight.
    As Matty and I were leaving rehearsal, we saw the giant snow flakes falling and immediately screamed. Max was still by his car in the parking lot. We stayed there for like 20 minutes before going home. Technically was yesterday but a great memory.
  2. Drove to school safely.
    First time driving on such thick snow, wasn't too bad. It's gorgeous out.
  3. My babies love the snow.
    Petey and Anna never hold still for a picture.
2 more...
  1. Caroling with Mads at Town Square.
    City Festival of Lights, caroling, s'more roasting, parade, fireworks, etc. It was really awesome to see so many people out enjoying the start of the holiday season.
  2. Sitting on top of the car at the top of the parking garage watching the fireworks.
  3. Matty saying "New favorite!" after every single one.
  4. Grilled Cheese with Mac & Cheese.
    Nothing more American. Dakota Harvest Bread.
  1. More Christmas shopping while I'm at work.
    I'm going to have all of my gifts for friends and family pretty much done before December. Hell yeah.
  2. Spiced Apple Cider.
    Woke up with a sore throat and it's the only thing saving my life.
  1. Getting a start on Christmas shopping.
    I absolutely love buying for people. It's my favorite part of Christmas. Finding the perfect gift for each friend gets me so excited.
  2. Working a billion shifts until my feet are too sore to stand.
    I have a great job and I'm making money so it ain't bad.
  3. Leftovers.
    So much fucking pie.
  1. Green Bean Casserole.
    Nothing beats it. I could eat an entire one by myself. W/ the French fried onions. Shit.
  2. Stuffing.
    I don't eat the turkey but I gorge on the stuffing.
  3. Mashed Potatoes & Gravy.
    Creamy and soft. Not chunky.
4 more...
  1. Broadway performances at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
    The Wiz & Fiddler.
  2. Obviously, the food.
    Stuffing & Green Bean Casserole.
  3. Officially the start of Christmas, no?
    Now that Thanksgiving it over, you can't resist the holiday spirit.
3 more...
    Decorated the choir room and the lobby of the performance hall for Christmas & Narnia!! Woo.
  2. Pumpkin Pie.
    Early Thanksgiving dinner at my dads & I got to take the pie home. Yeet.
  1. We're writing fairy tales in German.
    I, of course, am writing one about my dogs.
  2. Applications to travel to Germany this summer came out.
    Lame stuff to fill out, but I'm going to Europe!
  3. I "officially" got accepted to MSUM.
    College. Woo. Go dragons.
  1. Cheese stuffed fried mashed potato balls.
    Thanks for the heart attack, buzzfeed.
  2. Bitsy.
    Got my boo back.
  3. The sunset.
    You can kind of see it in the picture of bits. But that doesn't do it justice. The whole world lit up in pinks and oranges.
  4. Slowly making myself finish notes for this research paper.
  1. Slept in.
    I haven't been able to sleep in for a while. It was nice.
  2. Finally back at work.
    After taking almost two months off for Luis and Big River, my sad bank account will hopefully soon be really happy.
  3. Work is getting me in the Holiday Spirit.
    SO much Christmas everywhere. Best time to work in a craft/art/home decor store.
  4. Christmas music playing at work as well.
    Never wait until after Thanksgiving.