For Big River I always..
  1. Drank my tea.
    Throat Coat & Plantation Mint w a big lemon and a lot of honey.
  2. Drank a Naked juice.
    My version of being healthy, on the go. Didn't have much time and didn't want to eat too much and be too full. Fresh fruit and vegetables in quick liquid form.
  3. Shaved. And moisturized.
    Had to look like a 13 year old boy. And my beard grows fast. And my face was dying for moisture after all the terrible cakey stage makeup.
  4. Listened to music while putting on my makeup.
    Matt Doyle's Holiday album, Spring Awakening, City and Colour... I had quite a playlist.
  5. Drank more water than humanly possible.
    I was peeing clearly at least six times an hour.
  6. Brushed my teeth.
    Last thing right before every show started. About 5 minutes before the overture, after notes.