First day of December!!
  1. Last night, during the beautiful snowfall we had a snowball fight.
    As Matty and I were leaving rehearsal, we saw the giant snow flakes falling and immediately screamed. Max was still by his car in the parking lot. We stayed there for like 20 minutes before going home. Technically was yesterday but a great memory.
  2. Drove to school safely.
    First time driving on such thick snow, wasn't too bad. It's gorgeous out.
  3. My babies love the snow.
    Petey and Anna never hold still for a picture.
  4. Painted nails at Tufte again.
    It's been so busy I rarely have been able to this year. But I absolutely LOVE doing it. I painted Irene's nails again. She exclaimed how fantastic I did. I'm glad she was pleased because they were awful.
  5. We got our Christmas tree!
    Gigantic is an understatement. It's over 9 feet tall so we had to cut the top... It's so wide and lush and beautiful and the needles are so soft. I couldn't be more excited. Last Christmas at home and this tree is going to be fantastic.