Today's been a great day.
  1. First of all, I'm still in shock that I actually bought tickets for Spring Awakening yesterday.
    I'm going to New York. I'm seeing my number one show. My first Broadway show is going to be my favorite.
  2. Finished research for my comp essay.
    I never do my work at home. I'm proud of myself.
  3. Got a solid 20 minute nap.
    Woke up feeling great and refreshed. 20 minutes. No more, no less.
  4. Woke up from said nap to see Mr. Nelson text me the words "Huhot?"
    Dinner with my all time favorite.
  5. Finishing the night with a Sephora green tea mask and Christmas music.
    Wait until after Thanksgiving? Nah. Christmas music always. And this face mask is life changing.