1. Admit that you are sick
  2. Plan which the show or movie you are wanting watch
  3. Remember to notify your employer
  4. If self employed skip step 3.
  5. Go ahead and clean up the kitchen
  6. Now you are feeling really squirlly
  7. Lay down and hit play
  8. Fall asleep
  9. Nap hard
  10. Wake up feeling worse
  11. Restart movie or show
  12. You missed more than you thought
  13. Fall asleep
  14. Repeat for a couple days
  15. Return to work a day too early and spend the following 3 days thinking you are well but wishing you had stayed home by 2 o'clock every afternoon
  16. Thank god it's the weekend
  17. Rage every night because you are feeling better.
  18. Sick again on Monday.