1. "The Island From Lost"
  2. "The Egg"
  3. "The Quotation Marks"
  4. "Dwayne Johnson"
  5. "The Sprinkle"
  6. "Help I'm Being Held Against My Will and Forced to Make Up Nicknames for People"
  7. "Spud"
  8. "The Electoral College Should Be Abolished"
  9. "The Lord of the Rings"
  10. "The Character Played by Bruce Willis in 'The Sixth Sense' Was Actually Dead the Whole Time"
  11. "The Secretary of Education"
  12. "The Watew Fwom Da Sink,"
  13. "The Cool Guy"
  14. "I Don't Want to Be Famous I Just Want to Live in a Cabin in Vermont and Make Artisanal Soap"
  15. "The Doorknob"
  16. "Dame Helen Mirren"