1. Saw on another list that my first list is a common type of hack job.
  2. My mind doesn't think in lists?
  3. Got distracted thinking about a future when ListApp has ads, ie: "@BestBuy presents: Final 10 remaining Best Buy locations."
  4. Ok, getting into this. Wonder if anyone liked that Best Buy joke, a prescient commentary on monetization and the decline of brick and mortar commerce. This could become another place to farm for serotonin-rich likes!
  5. Idea: rank Wes Anderson films! Nah, no way to reach those "Tenenbaums > Bottle Rocket" idiots.
  6. Seems like the best lists are really specific and lately my thoughts feels as specific as that guy's from the thing.
  7. Ok only four more. Three.
  8. Unclear who the current audience/user base is. Writers from The Office and teen websites? If so, actually seems like a neat group of cats. Note to self jazz slang list no.
  9. Just finished string bean basil with beef. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OF WHAT I PUT ON THIS LIST.
  10. A shot at the buzzer... could win the game!!!...and... the ball sails by several feet from the hoop, complete air ball! As ordained, Seth Lind has choked. But at least he can tell his grandkids that he suited up for the big game. Unless he is sterile from living near that power plant in Wisconsin.