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Getting married July 9 and I'm pretty sure this is how the rest of my days will go...
  1. 6:45 AM Wake up next to him, happy
    Why I would all of a sudden be happy to be waking up really early in the morning I do not know, because it sucks.
  2. 7:20 AM Be ready and have all of our stuff ready to go to work for the day
    How I will do this I have no idea. Because currently my mom gets all of my stuff ready while I'm getting ready and I still don't get out the door until 7:25...
  3. 7:25 AM kiss and leave for work
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  1. 2 pack Hawaiian rolls
  2. Ham
  3. Swiss/cheddar
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Engaged in February, getter married in July
  1. Why so soon!?
  2. Oh wow.
  3. Not much time!
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  1. Tried to get ink out of my khakis, made a white spot on them
  2. Tried adding a little coffee to the white spot to darken it
    Honestly...it kinda worked but I'm scared to put more
  3. Forgot to wear a tank top under my polo that just seems to get bigger every time I wear it
    Better than the opposite problem?
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And put this stuff in it
  1. Socks
    Tall, short, thick, thin, bright, plain...I don't care.
  2. Hair ties
  3. A nice pen
    Black. No blue! Nice pens don't even come in blue probably.
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  1. Getting my reception venue
  2. And it not being crazy expensive
  3. Staying in a budget
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  1. Went to the reception venue to look around and find out price....the woman said she'd get back to us.
    Who does that!? Told us to come up there for basically nothing. Haha, but it's pretty much the only spot in town... 😑 & so pretty
  2. Freaked out
    I randomly got overwhelmed about all the details
  3. Bought lots of vases and found two awesome things to put food in
    Going for the mix & match vase/bottle theme
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  1. What English would sound like if I wasn't a native speaker
    Like Spanish and Russian and all these other languages sound so neat. Even if I kind of know what they're saying/am reading subtitles, it's different.
  2. What it's like to not be able to read
    I want to remember what it was like when I was little and I just could not look at words and know what they said. That's crazy.
  3. What it's like to be a boy
    I mean, ya just gotta wonder...
  1. Woke up at 9:00 AM
    Pretty good for a Saturday, if ya ask me
  2. Drank coffee and talked with my mom
    Mostly about wedding stuff. The lady for the reception venue finally emailed her back!
  3. Got ready
    To hang out with my boyfriend, his sister and mom
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