And put this stuff in it
  1. Socks
    Tall, short, thick, thin, bright, plain...I don't care.
  2. Hair ties
  3. A nice pen
    Black. No blue! Nice pens don't even come in blue probably.
  4. Notecards and other stationary
  5. An interesting condiment/ingredient
    Something that can inspire me to make something fun and new
  6. Cool drinks
    Non-alcoholic. Flavored water, fermented teas, energy, pop, etc.
  7. Snack
    Cookies, chips, popcorn, interesting candy. I like new foods.
  8. Some kind of locally made little item
    Kentucky :) Berea :)
  9. Short, inspirational book
    That inspired the sender!
  10. If you want to send something expensive:
    Coat/jacket, watch, shoes