1. Went to the reception venue to look around and find out price....the woman said she'd get back to us.
    Who does that!? Told us to come up there for basically nothing. Haha, but it's pretty much the only spot in town... 😑 & so pretty
  2. Freaked out
    I randomly got overwhelmed about all the details
  3. Bought lots of vases and found two awesome things to put food in
    Going for the mix & match vase/bottle theme
  4. Went to discuss details with the boy
    Figuring stuff is hard
  5. Realized my boyfriend (I hate the word fiancé) and I are super bland
    When asked about colors we both grimaced and were like "uh, grey and...something like gray". It's bad
  6. Thinking maybe grey and blush/coral color
  7. Realizing I can probably do this
  8. Getting my sister's boyfriend to be the DJ as his gift to me
    He's a pal ☺️
  9. Getting happier and freaking out less
    Don't get me wrong I'm happy but it's pretty overwhelming
  10. Realizing the date was meant to be
    Two of my bridesmaids are in other weddings on the date we originally wanted. The date we have to go with because of venues is free for everyone. Sometimes I think that meant to be stuff is real.