1. Woke up at 9:00 AM
    Pretty good for a Saturday, if ya ask me
  2. Drank coffee and talked with my mom
    Mostly about wedding stuff. The lady for the reception venue finally emailed her back!
  3. Got ready
    To hang out with my boyfriend, his sister and mom
  4. Went to Lexington
    The town that's way bigger than mine with actual restaurants and stores
  5. Ate at Chuy's
    Make that OVER ate at Chuy's - lots of chips, salsa and that creamy jalapeño stuff; ground sirloin rellena, chicka chicka boom boom enchilada or whatever + the rice and beans; TRES LECHES CAKE
  6. Went to Macy's
    Shopping for home goods for Hannah's new apartment
  7. Went to Gordman's
    To do the same
  8. Tried to leave and then had to turn around and go back to that part of town
    Decided we needed to look at a furniture store
  9. Went to TJ Maxx
    I've bought nothing except food all day...still nothing
  10. Went to Dick's Sporting Goods
  11. Went to the boyfriends
  12. Went to look at the chapel we will be married in.
    It's beautiful, that's a picture looking up in the hallway
  13. Went back to his house go watch the UK game
    They lost
  14. Have been playing guitar hero for hours
    I sing on the app and I'm SO good...that's a lie