1. We are constantly trying to one up each other. If it's not in academics, like competing to get accepted into college, we are doing it socially.
  2. I compare myself to others almost all the time. It's hard to be happy for another person because I'm too busy envying them and/or pitying myself.
  3. Sometimes you feel way shittier than you should actually feel when you're at home on a Friday or a Saturday and everyone else is out. (If you've yet to experience this, be sure to stay off of social media when it does happen)
  4. Crushes are the absolute worst. Crushes on your friends are somehow even more terrible. (My current situation and trust me it's really bad)
  5. As much as we don't want to believe that cliques and cliches don't exist, they somewhat do. Just not like how you see it in Mean Girls.
  6. Social media is such a huge influence on us now. It's kinda scary. (This app is an escape from my other stuff and I really like it. No one personally knows me on here and yet I feel the most comfortable.)
  7. Self esteem is the most fragile aspect of a teen and it can break as soon as I see a girl who I think is prettier than me. Refer to point #2, it applies.
  8. There are a lot of bad days. There are good days too, but they tend to change to bad days before you know it.