You won't regret it.
  1. The aesthetic of this video is their best by far. Their new management allows them to spend more $$$ on music videos considering their past productions have been cringe worthy. (See Worth It, Sledgehammer, etc.)
  2. Choreography has matured and been worked to a T. The vibes are much more confident and comfortable.
    Word of advice: best dancers are Dinah Jane and Normani, doing their thang on the pillar thing
  3. EQUAL disTRIBUTION!!!!!!! A problem 5h has faced too many times in the past. This song, however not vocally strong, includes a part for every girl.
    Lauren led the chorus. Yeah it's as good as it gets.
  4. Another point the girls wanna make; feeing sexy and fun but getting busy in the workplace is possible.
    Many people confuse this as sexualization and selling their bodies in order to gain publicity. BOY ARE THOSE PEOPLE WRONg
  5. There's a rapper in it.
    The GP like this
  6. It's a bop. It's a fun song that grows on you. The music video makes it better IMO. A major step up.
    Hopefully the general public will think so too
  7. So just watch/listen/buy/stream Work From Home. It'd make five beautiful girls really happy!
  8. PSA: Their album "7/27" will be released on May 20.
    7-27-12 was the date the group was formed. This album pays homage to the start of their journey.
  9. Static
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