1. Low #1: that one time you told me you'd kissed al at the nail salon and I was really upset because you didn't tell me/I had e m o t i o n s about it and idk
  2. Low #2: when I went to hang out with the only two friends I had and there was some really pretty girl there who I didn't know and I was worried about getting low key replaced.
  3. Low #3: that one time I was driving you home and the radio was talking about the women's march on the capital and I was listening because I was gonna go to that later and I was all angry at my country and FIRED UP because I was gonna go flipping do something about it and you were like "the capital! Omg that's where prom is going to be!"
    I know it was a joke but I still kinda felt like ok mar wake up they're matching for you too idek im sorry I'm so political
  4. High #1: when you would pick me up and we'd get smoothies even when it was like way past 7 and the weekdays didn't feel like weekdays.
  5. High #2: that one time we sat on your hard couch and you cried because you were overwhelmed and I felt like you trusted me and I could actually see who you are.
  6. High #3: the one time we sat on my bed and I cried and you told me I was super amazing and beautiful even though you were the one that had just gotten your heart broken.