Requested by @olive
omg @olive why but fine (I realized that this has to be in sections so I'll try to post one every day or so)
  1. It all stated with this boy named Taylor
    He was lightskin with a nice full beard so you would assume he could eat the kitty right (I never found out btw). We called him Chico. Him and his friend gave my friends a ride to the bars (so he was a friend of a friend of a friend). Anyways I was drunk talking about how I needed a cuddle buddy and he said he was down so he got my number.
  2. A week later he came over
    We played drinking games with my roommates and one roommate got too drunk and started throwing up. We put her to bed and I went to the living room and pretended to sleep on the couch. I was on my stomach. Chico sat down, put my legs on his lap and started to caress my butt. I remained still.
  3. He gets caught
    My other roommate comes in and catches him. "Are you sleepy?" she asks me. "Yes." I murmur. I'm wide awake. She tries to help me up but Chico says he's got it. He picks me up and carries me over the threshold (so to speak) and lays me in bed. Then he's cuddling me. I'm still "sleep." My drunk roommate is in the bed next to me.
  4. Things happen
    He starts biting my back. It feels good. His hands go down. I'm met with a shocking entry. His fingers are thick. The thrusts are rough. I can't fake sleep now. I'm gasping for air in complete and utter shock. "My roommate is right next to me" I keep thinking. I tell him to stop. I don't want him to stop. But I do. He keeps going.
  5. My roommate is the greatest cockblock ever
    "My roommate is right there" "I'll be quiet" "Omg you hear that? She's throwing up" "Let her sleep she'll be fine." "No she's not she's throwing up every 5 mins. Honey are you okay?" "Yeah I'm good." "Do you want some water? Some soda?" "....Yeah" "Okay here. Drink this. Feel better." "Thanks"
  6. He keeps trying. She keeps throwing up.
    Each time he pulls out that thick little dick of his my roommate throws up. She must be allergic to short penises cuz her timing was perfect. Eventually I told him he needs to go masterbate in the bathroom so he could let me sleep. But he never did. He kept on trying. I tied my drawstrings so tight so that he couldn't untie them, but boy did he try. He even bit off a piece of the string.
  7. We cuddled
    This whole back and forth last about 3 hours and he finally gives up. He cuddles me the entire night. We never kiss. In the morning I offer to make him breakfast but he declines. He finally leaves and I tell my roommate the whole story. I never text him again. That's a lie. I texted him but I shouldn't have. I eventually deleted his number.