This is my equivalent to a one night stand.
  1. Would it be bad if I said I don't remember his name?
    My roommate was taking to this guy for a min. I never met him, but I knew I didn't like him. She told me he was coming over and that he was bringing a friend. She showed me the picture of the friend. He seemed cute enough. I said ok.
  2. They came over and we played drinking games.
    Two guys. Three roommates. We provided the liq but we were stingy cuz we bought it. Me and my roommate finished the bottle and poured water in it to mess with them. We end up going to buy more but this time they paid.
  3. Somehow we end up in my bed.
    I'm trying to go to sleep and he's there fingering me. I feel nothing. Absolutely nothing. I tell him that. He's still fingering me. There was a point where my roommates walked in, while he was still fingering me, and I was having a full-blown conversation with them. Unbothered.
  4. Do you want me to kiss it?
    "Do you want me to kiss it?" he says. I don't know he's talking about. He keeps on saying it. I'm lost. Then I catch on. "I mean if you want to" I reply, drearily. I was curious I've never gotten head before. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. He makes his way down.
  5. Worst. Head. Ever.
    I'm so mad I wasted my first experience on him. Although I've never gotten head before I knew it was horrible. I will forever claim this as the worst head ever. Don't believe the lie that if you've never experienced it before you'll have nothing to compare it to because you will know. I knew.
  6. His technique
    I don't know what this boy was doing. At one point he did this lizard tongue thing where he was flicking his tongue in and out. It was weird. Then there was his "swirl" technique which was just as bad. Finally there was just him slobbering. It was bad. I felt nothing. I told him to stop. What's worse is that he had the audacity to tell me that I liked it and that he heard me moaning when I was quieter than a mouse
  7. They sleep over
    He tries to have sex. I say no. He humps me. I'm over him. He's wack. My roommate and her guy comes in and everybody goes to sleep. We cuddle. He's horrible at that too.
  8. My mom calls
    The next morning my mom calls saying that she will be at my apartment and 20 minutes. I'm going home today. I'm running around trying to get ready, telling them they need to leave. They're still in the apartment when she gets there. She needs to come in to pee. They go out the patio door and she comes in. I tell her it was maintenance checking on something. I'm acting weird. I smell weird. I smell like him. She notices.
  9. I have a hickey.
    Later on that day my mom finds a hickey on my neck. Then on my face. I tell her they are spider bites. She believes me. I think. Never got his number. Don't remember his name. Never saw him again. He wasn't worth it.