Last one!
  1. It was Halloween eve
    Me and my roommate went to her cousin's Halloween party across the street. Costumes were mandatory so my roommate quickly made me into Rosie the Riveter. It was a very classy party, not our style for the night (we wanted to twerk sum). We ended up leaving the party drunk and walking home
  2. We didn't want the night to end
    We were both drunk and snapping about how lit we were and about how we were the party (lmao) and one of my roommate's many dudes hit her up. I respond for her telling him and his friend to come through
  3. They came over
    By the time they came over it was 3 am and the buzz wore off. They brought a bottle of Hennessy with them which I call the Devils liquor. I suggested we play truth, dare, or drink. So we played.
  4. Truth, dare, or drink
    Truths: What's your number? (Ugh) Wildest place you've had sex? Have you ever been in love? Blah blah blah.... Dares: 30 secs to give a hickey, Lap dance, Body shot, then finally 7 mins in heaven
  5. 7 mins in heaven
    By that time I was feeling the liquor again ever so slightly and had gotten two hickeys (one through a dare and the other just for fun) but I did not want to do 7 mins in heaven with him. So the time got lowered to 3. As soon as we got in the room I told I wasn't making out with him. He said that was cool and we ended up cuddling and talking.
  6. Time's up
    My roommate walks in and I tell her I'm super comfy and ready to go to sleep. The guys ask to sleep over and I'm cool with it. We all get settled in bed get ready to go to sleep but the way he was holding was a little awkward so I moved his hand. I guess he saw it as a sign and starts fingering me
  7. It. Is. Lit.
    I'm trying to be quiet cuz my roommate and her guy are in the bed right next to us. "Can you be quiet! We are trying to sleep here." My guy said to his chatterbox friend. I'm trying not to laugh cuz we def ain't going to sleep. He's still fingering me. They eventually go to sleep and he's still going at it.
  8. The best. Hands down.
    Listen. It's all about the clit. Don't matter if it's one finger or two if you don't hit the clit it ain't lit. I was soo wet that he tasted it went back for seconds and fell asleep with his hand in my pants. Magical.
  9. Morning after
    I woke up in a tizzy cuz my mom was supposed to pick me up and she sent me a text saying she would arrive in 30 mins I woke up and basically kicked them out. While I was getting ready the dude came to say goodbye and I was like 👌🏾✌🏾️ Then he came back and asked for my number saying "It'd be weird if we did what we did and I didn't get your number" I really wanted to be like "It wouldn't be the first time" but I gave him my number.
  10. We texted for a day
    He talked about how wet I was, if I had an Instagram blah blah blah... Then he just stopped replying. A week later I texted him a question. No response. Oh well.