Me and my roommate "hosted" a hotel party in a "suite"
  1. I was on food duty. I brought wings, egg rolls, and pizza.
    They devoured it.
  2. I had to buy $4 tape
    The hung up one item. One. 😑
  3. Ditched my friends to go make out with my man
    We were in the bathroom but they kept banging on the door. Those annoying drunks.
  4. We found a secluded spot behind the vending machine
    Peep the Pepsi logo
  5. He asked me to be his girlfriend
    It was 11:05 I told him to ask me tomorrow. I'm annoying.
  6. I said yes.
    He's my bf now 😊
  7. Here's to the new year and my new official man!
    He ate me out behind the vending machine to celebrate (tmi?)