Requested by @ijeoma
I don't really follow many blogs for aesthetic because they usually bore me but here are a few @ijeoma
  1. Tumblr
    Happiest, eclecticpandas, yung-medusa, cyberghetto/ cyberrspace princess
  2. Twitter
    @BlackGirlsWinni ??? Idk. A personal friend I follow posts pretty aesthetically pleasing things but there's not one specific page 😕
  3. Snapchat
    @olive, this guy named Brad (love watching his story for the aesthetic), DJ Khaled!! When I first followed him it was oddly calming now it's a joke.
  4. Sorry 😕
    I really don't follow people for that reason I mainly follow for funnies. I do love moons, fruits, hair, muscular nudes, yoga, and the colors teal and purple.