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looking through my gallery, I realize that I don't take too many screen grabs. these "recent" pics go back to Dec 2015.
This order is not set in stone. and also: SPOILERS.
  1. Season 7
    Do I have to explain why? A GG season without writer & creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino is fan-fic. Although I still enjoyed seeing my favorite cast, and the over all story line was good, the dialogue & character interactions were off just enough to drive me bananas.
  2. Season 1
    The season that introduces us to the Gilmores is delightful, and absolutely lays a great foundation, but is lacking that signature GG style (& production budget) that makes it a familiar, comfy blanket of a show.
  3. Season 6
    This season got a bump up in ranking! Thanks in part to the Gilmore Guys podcast. Rewatching while listing helped me appreciate a lot of the good S6 had to offer. - Lorelai had some of her best scenes ever. (LG's face acting was on point) - Rory shows her true colors? - Kelly Bishop is queen - Jess is redeemed! Over all though, this season is riddled with conflict and so isn't as enjoyable as other seasons.
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as requested by @tenfreeverses
  1. Number the Stars
  2. The Autobiography of Malcolm X
  3. Slaughterhouse Five
  4. Born to Run
  1. Attend 15 yoga classes
    - 12 for the month of June, keeping the momentum going!
  2. Daily Gratitude Journal
    - doesn't need to be a lot, just jot down things I'm thankful for.
  3. Learn something new!
    - taking class through UC Berkeley extension. Starts July 9!
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