Gilmore girls seasons (Ranked)

This order is not set in stone. and also: SPOILERS.
  1. Season 7
    Do I have to explain why? A GG season without writer & creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino is fan-fic. Although I still enjoyed seeing my favorite cast, and the over all story line was good, the dialogue & character interactions were off just enough to drive me bananas.
  2. Season 1
    The season that introduces us to the Gilmores is delightful, and absolutely lays a great foundation, but is lacking that signature GG style (& production budget) that makes it a familiar, comfy blanket of a show.
  3. Season 6
    This season got a bump up in ranking! Thanks in part to the Gilmore Guys podcast. Rewatching while listing helped me appreciate a lot of the good S6 had to offer. - Lorelai had some of her best scenes ever. (LG's face acting was on point) - Rory shows her true colors? - Kelly Bishop is queen - Jess is redeemed! Over all though, this season is riddled with conflict and so isn't as enjoyable as other seasons.
  4. Season 2
    S2 is without a doubt my most watched season. I borrowed this DVD set from my friend and fellow gilly, Rose, the summer of 2005 when my cable was disconnected and I watched it on an endless loop. The quirky, loveable characters definitely shown throughout. Eps 210, 213, & 221 were some favorites.
  5. Season 3
    Ugh. This season is so good! Ignoring all elements of overall story (which is great, but just not my favorite) this season may have the most (in number) individual, separately enjoyable episodes of any season. I can turn it on at any point and love where I land. I feel like the characters are all settled into who they are and developing into people we care so much about. So many amazing cold opens (301 & 308), fun town events (307 & 317), and heartwarming graduation speeches (322).
  6. Season 4
    S4 has many new beginnings...(I won't reveal them all!) 😊. But Rory going off to college & Lorelai starting the Dragonfly are both engaging stories that keep me glued and wanting more! What makes this season better than all but one? The focus on relationships & how they change (Lorelai & Rory, Rory/Lane & Rory/Paris, Richard & Emily, Lorelai & Luke, Luke & Jess). It's definitely a transition season. Lorelai finally admits what she wants. (415 - A Scene in a Mall - might my all-time fav ep!)
  7. Season 5
    And the winner is S5! It's just my all-time favorite for the following: - LUKE AND LORELAI FINALLY! - Lots of emotional reckonings (without completely wrecking everything) - Richard & Emily are amazing during break-up/reunion - Rory starts to become her own person, which is sometimes annoying but interesting to watch - B stories are fun! (Lane & the band & Mrs. Kim, Paris & Doyle) - Lorelai has her happiest moments in this season (YAY), which is all we ever want.