San Francisco, the critics say, is full of dingbats. We couldn't agree more. Here's a collection of emoji fit for our city. (via Tim O'Rourke)
  1. 🚋
    Ding ding! Watch for tourists in shorts in the middle of winter (June-August) at the Market and Powell cable car turnaround.
  2. 🌉
    Maybe it's a crude depiction of our international orange icon, but we'll take it.
  3. ☁️
    Rolling in from the bay, over and around the skyscrapers and through the streets. Karl the Fog, here's to you.
  4. 💾
    We are the innovation capital of the world. Behold our tech emoji in all its grandeur.
  5. 💰
    In no other city in the U.S. is so much spent on so little. $8 coffee, anyone?
  6. 🔖
    Tech badges = the S.F. necktie.
  7. 📰
    Not sure if you're aware, but the fair people of San Francisco have access to The Chronicle in a handy paper form. Rejoice.
  8. 💩
    You knew it was coming. In fact, check your shoe.